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Name: Kaori Kousaki
Age: 17
Occupation: Student (3rd Year)/Ex-pop idol
Character PB/Icon: Teenager!Reira Serizawa from NANA

Character history:
Kaori was born into showbiz. Her mother, Akemi, is a washed up pop idol that was popular during the eighties but faded into obscurity. Her father, Masaru, is a popular actor who's been featured in commercials, television dramas, and movies for well over a decade. Akemi, embittered by her failed music career and jealous of her husband's continued success, pushed both of her daughters into music, dance, and English lessons as soon as they were old enough to participate. Kaori's sister, Ayase, had no interest in becoming an idol and quit early on. Kaori, on the other hand, genuinely loved music and dancing, and idolized her mother as a child so Akemi focused all of her efforts on making Kaori into a star that would never fade from people's hearts.

When Kaori turned thirteen, Akemi deemed her ready for a debut and began showing her off to different talent agencies. At one point, Akemi had insisted on bleaching Kaori's dark brown hair to a much lighter shade that bordered on blond. She also had it permed and made her daughter wear blue contacts in order to give her a distinct look. It only took one audition with one of the top talent agencies in Osaka, courtesy of her mother's somewhat obsessive grooming, her father's well-known success, and the fact that Kaori genuinely had real skill and talent for singing and performance. The agency quickly placed Kaori in a new pop group with nine other girls called GLIMMER.

Kaori spent three years with GLIMMER, rising to stardom, and securing a position as group captain. It all came to an abrupt end when Kaori suddenly quit the band and left the agency without releasing a public statement to her fans. However, there are rumors that she was caught breaking her band's no-dating policy. She moved to Hiyoku-cho to live with Ayase, who was attending college there, and started high school as a third year.

Kaori puts up a strong front but is much more sensitive and trusting than she lets on. As an idol, she was the sweet, friendly softie of the group but since then, she's grown considerably less friendly and more aloof. Kaori's a girl that prefers kindness over niceness and she has a tendency to dispense some tough love when her friends need it. She doesn't really make friends easily due to a rather direct, assertive, and outspoken nature . She also has a bit of a "me first" attitude that can be off-putting to some people. Kaori's a passionate girl (especially about music) but also temperamental and impatient and has been known to throw some pretty epic fits when overly stressed out. She's actually really intelligent, sophisticated, and surprisingly knowledgeable about a wide assortment of things. She's a little on the defensive side (and also painfully shy when it comes to sharing her true thoughts and feelings with others) and sometimes can seem oddly easy to fluster or embarrass on some subjects.

At first glance, Kaori looks like a foreigner with her long, thick, curly almost-blond hair. Even though her career ended, she still maintains the color and curls simply because she prefers it to her natural looks. Her eye color varies between blue and brown depending on whether she's wearing her contacts that day. She's been known to lose one or the other at time, giving the illusion that she has heterochromia. She's about average height for a Japanese woman, standing around 5'4", and maintains her ideal weight.

At school, Kaori's kind of a sloppy dresser. She tends to wear her blazer draped over her shoulders like a mantle, leave her uniform ribbon at home, and makes subtle personal additions to her uniform skirt like sewing a bit of lace onto the hem. She either leaves her hair down or wears it into a ponytail. On occasion she spruces her hair up a bit with floral themed hair accessories or actual flowers (though the latter tends to be outside of school).

Outside school, Kaori's pretty stylish and it's also clear that her fashion sense has been been influenced by Kumi Koda and Namie Amuro to some degree. Her clothing is never outright revealing or scandalous but there's a touch of sexiness there mixed in with the cute.

Possible weapon: Baseball bat.

Accessory: A silver charm bracelet.

Primary Element: Light
Secondary Element: Wind
Arcana: Strength

Does your character know martial arts: No, but she does know purse-fu.
Does your character practice sports: In addition to being a dancer, she's a runner but has never been on the track team or anything. Most of her experience comes from running away from fans who recognize her. She's a surprisingly good sprinter and has more stamina than one might expect from a girly-girl like her.
Has your character suffered a major injury in the past that would lower their physical capacity: When she was younger, she was treated for a stress fracture in her right foot. It only bothers her when it's cold or during pressure changes.
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